Healthy Eating Plans


As you know, I’m passionate about healthy eating and losing weight the right way. My goal is to help you to help yourself by giving you a clear understanding of healthy nutrition behaviours to ensure you achieve long term success with your goals, whether it be weight loss or healthy eating.


I’m speaking from experience, because I have….

  • toned up my physique for numerous photoshoots
  • lost 3 stone of weight after giving birth to both of my children
  • controlled my diet during all of my recent preventative surgeries as I was prevented from working out
  • qualified as a FETAC-certified personal trainer and I am a Premier pre and post natal qualified trainer with full UK insurance.

So it gives me great pleasure to announce that from today, I am offering my healthy eating and weight loss plans at an introductory price of £49 for a limited time only!

The plan will include:

  • A collection of breakfasts, morning and evening snacks, lunches, evening meals and post workout suggestions.
  • Your plan will be tailored to you and your requirements. Upon payment, I will send you a lifestyle questionnaire to fill in and return to me by email and I will use the information you provide to tailor your plan to you.
  • Example of a weekly planner and how it should work by using all of the meals from the plan.
  • Detailed recipe section to accompany the breakfasts lunches and evening meals with easy step-by-step plan of how to cook and prepare.
    please note this plan does not include exercise advice. It is purely a healthy eating and nutrition plan.
  • I will also share with you my top tips to lo sing weight and and give you information on why we eat what we eat, along with with educating you about healthy nutrition so that you can ensure longterm success by following a healthy eating lifestyle rather than pursuing a short term fix. You can print this section off and use to read whenever you need inspiring.
  • All of the information I pass onto you comes from education and experience and I cant wait to share it with you all.