What Should I Wear to Postpartum for Summer?

The hottest of the four seasons is summer sun rises early and sets late means more day time and short night time, sun peeps in through the windows and doors good for a house but will not be comfortable for a mom during the postpartum period of 6 months. In this article, we will go through the dress suitable to wear for moms during postpartum and to the worst season of summer.

Countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, central Africa, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, and many more face more summer mom’s in these regions must prepare to go through their postpartum period hence they have to be careful in choosing their best postpartum dresses suitable for themselves and the newborn kid.

The dress must be suitable, well-aerated, loose-fitting, easy to wash and dry cost-effective, during the olden days there was no fancy dress or nylon rayon material which is not suitable for the moms. However, cotton fabric is the best fabric for this proposal.

Few points for mom’s passing through this period

Mom’s passing through their postpartum period should note that the summer is an uncomfortable season; you will feed for the next 6 months and above therefore a suitable dress must be selected for you and the kid to be comfortable.

Remember that summer will dehydrate you and the surrounding air will be very hot so ensure you are in a room which is well ventilated, and have opened at the vertical walls of the room, so that hot air always rises and cool air comes in.

Ventilation of room is also a factor to consider apart from the dress. During summer you sweat more, hence a suitable dress is required to absorb the sweating.

During this period sweat will cause rashes, itching, and another allergic infection which have to be avoided hence suitable fabric dress is important for you and your kid.

Avoid synthetic material like rayon, nylon man-made synthetic material, woolen materials not recommended for mom’s passing through this period.

Since your baby demands feeding at regular intervals, ensure that you have a suitable front opening dress that will be more comfortable for you and the kid.

A front opening dress is recommended with necessary loose fitting.

What Should I Wear to Postpartum for Summer

Important points to keep in mind before purchasing the dress


Cloths with strong colors, chemically treated jewel works are to be avoided as these are attractive at the same time harmful to you and the kid, these will cause irritation, allergy, and rashes to you and the soft baby skin, being summer you will fall sick to this level quickly hence to be avoided.


Since you will feed for the next six months and above ensure you buy an adequate quantity means you need to wash and dry them regularly, this causes more wear and tear which is required to maintain hygiene.

Comfortable access to feeding

Your baby will be hungry and will demand feeding every hour so ensure you have a front easy opening dress without push-pull locking zip because zip can also cause hurting to the baby skin.

Tight-fitting clothes

Say yes to these dresses which you love the most, but after 700 days of the postpartum period, until then we do not recommend it.

Maintenance of the dress

Since you will change the dress more than once a day, the dress must be easy to wash and dry quickly.

Dangerous fabric

Fabric materials like rayon, nylon, polyester, they look fancy and colorful. They are artificial synthetic fibers, air-free or non-aerated, hence it will cause itching, severe sweating, rashes, and other allergies infection leading to fungal diseases.

Suitable types of dress

  • Front easy open with nursing
  • Front easy-open nightwear
  • Front easy-open tops
  • Front easy-open ropes
  • Front easy-open bra’s with suitable supports

What Should I Wear to Postpartum for Summer

Cotton Fabric – Best postpartum dresses

We recommend moms passing through this period of postpartum during summer to use a dress made of natural cotton fabric, a gift given by god. Do not use any other man-made synthetic fibers. Cotton is well recommended though there are various types available in the market you can also stitch one to your comfort size and need. Choose the best postpartum dresses suitable for your size and comfort.

Being a natural yarn it is smooth, absorbs sweat, and comfortable to wear. During the olden days, this fabric was used by our ancestors, it is so natural and not harmful for you and your baby. It is well recommended to use natural cotton front open dress for moms feeding during the postpartum summer period.

Though summer is a good climate it is not comfortable for feeding moms since they will take care of the newborn kid for the next six months and above they need to be comfortable. Therefore a well-ventilated dress is a non-harmful dress to the mom and the baby with easy access to regular feeding since the baby will demand regularly for its continuous growth. Hope the above points will help new moms to choose the best postpartum dresses of their choice.


To conclude, we looked into the mom’s requirement and for moms passing through the postpartum period who are living in places where summer is the peak, The equatorial region will be the hottest on earth–however, in countries facing summer and the mom’s passing through the postpartum period for over six months and above it is confirmed that cotton is a suitable fabric dress with a front open easy to wear a loose-fitting robe-like dress.

In case you are traveling, you can also use a suitable cotton front open bra as innerwear for easy feeding, When at home be comfortable in a room that is well ventilated during summer, sweat is natural for a human being. During summer sweat is unavoidable therefore use good cotton fabric dress, avoid man-made synthetic material like nylon, rayon, polyester these fabric dresses will cause severe rashes, allergies, and infection to both you and your newborn baby.

Hope the above information will be very helpful to all feeding moms passing through the period of postpartum living in the summer climate. Best wishes to all feeding moms.