What Water Should Mothers Drink after Giving Birth?

What water should a mother drink after giving birth? According to nutrition experts, filtered water, fresh milk, milk drinks, fruit juice, … should all be added to her daily menu. .

After giving birth, you need to drink plenty of water: The very important rule to help mothers recover quickly and get plenty of milk 

A woman’s body, after her journey, often becomes very weak due to a loss of blood, energy, and hormonal changes.

That is why the replenishment of water, blood as well as energy is essential for postpartum women.

In addition, in the first 6 months, babies mainly receive full nutrition from breast milk. This means that breast milk contains all the essential nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop. Breast milk contains about 90% water. When you breastfeed, your body loses a significant amount of water to produce breast milk.

Therefore, postpartum mothers should drink enough water needed (including filtered water and other nutritional fluids such as milk, fruit juice, …) to help the body recover soon and have enough water for the body. create milk.

Mom needs to drink enough filtered water 

Nutritionists recommend drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water a day. This will help mom:

  • Adequate water supplementation also stimulates breast milk secretion
  • Prevent uncomfortable constipation
  • Good weight control

Note that the optimum water temperature should be around 27–41 ° C (absolutely do not drink ice, cold water). In addition, postpartum mothers should also drink warm water in the morning to help the body eliminate toxins, improve blood flow, reduce stress, and postpartum depression.

What water should I drink after giving birth?

Herbal drinks or drinks that contain a variety of nutrients and minerals are considered dairy drinks because they have the ability to supply water and stimulate the milk glands to function better.

Types of dairy drinks that mothers can add to their daily diet such as:

  • Water clover leaf
  • Drink brown rice water
  • Pennywort juice
  • Drink legumes such as black beans, red beans, …
  • Cheating
  • Vegetable leaf juice
  • Dairy drinks from sticky rice, non-glutinous rice, and lotus seeds

Fresh milk and dairy products

After finishing birth, mothers need a very high calcium supplement. Therefore, during this period, mothers need to increase about 200mg to 300mg calcium per day.

According to research, each different type of milk has different nutritional properties. But fresh milk ranks first compared to other types of milk in terms of providing nutrients such as fat, protein, sugar, calcium.

In addition, in terms of calories provided, fresh milk is also ranked first. So it has the ability to give mothers an abundant source of energy to take care of their baby better.

Orange, grapefruit juice or vegetable juice 

Most of us need vitamin C every day. Oranges are a good source of vitamin C and energize the body.

In addition, it also helps the body absorb the iron found in food. So, after giving birth, mothers should eat oranges, grapefruit or drink orange and grapefruit juice during the breastfeeding period.

Besides the fruits, vegetables also contain many vitamins and minerals for the body. Notably, this is also a safe, dairy-friendly drink.

Some types of vegetables can be made daily juices: tomatoes, carrots, cheeks, …

Along with the above drinks, mothers remember to eat a variety of foods, at the same time combine rest, relaxation, create a sense of comfort, massage the breasts, breastfeed a lot. Soon, the amount of milk will be plentiful , ensuring the nutritional needs of the mother for her baby.